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Public Spaces

Activating neighbouring streets

The Moorfields Eye Hospital and IoO buildings in their current form, do not offer ground floor activation to neighbouring streets (Bath Street, Peerless Street and Cayton Street).

We want to activate these streets by providing publicly accessible uses at the ground floor with large windows and activity that spills out into the public square and neighbouring streets.

We want to ensure that these spaces provide amenities for both the local community and users of the new workplace spaces.

A new public square

A new public square at the ground level will be at the centre of the development. We are still developing concept designs for this space, some of the key potential uses identified include:

  • A tranquil place to relax
  • A space which celebrates the heritage of the site
  • A space which promotes commercial activity
  • A space for the community to socialise
  • A destination for learning and culture
  • A space for families
  • A place to support daily life, with potential for markets and other amenities

We are at an early stage of establishing what this space will look like and we are keen to ensure that this area will reflect what local people need and want to see in this area.

We want to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see at ground level.

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