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Introducing our Community Pledge

We want to ensure that the new building provides more than just bricks and mortar. We want to create value for the whole community.

Derwent London has a track record of supporting local organisations. In 2013, we launched a Community Fund in Fitzrovia and extended this to include the Tech Belt area in 2016*. Examples of some of the local groups who have benefitted from these funds are shown below.

This is only the start. 162 City Road will be our largest project in Islington to date and unlocks many exciting new opportunities to positively shape the future of the area. We are ready to make commitments on what and how we deliver benefits for the local community. We need your input to understand community needs and priorities, which will be reflected in the commitments that we will make in our Community Pledge.

*The Tech Belt is defined here as the area extending from King’s Cross to Whitechapel, largely covering EC1 & E1.

Objectives for our Community Pledge

At this early stage, we have set out the following objectives to help form our Community Pledge:

  • A significant quantity of new affordable workspaces for local businesses
  • Wrap-around support to the businesses using the new affordable workspace
  • Potential apprenticeship opportunities for all ages and backgrounds
  • Through collaboration with the LBI, our local partners and supply chain, we will offer long-term local employment and training opportunities, paying a fair wage during construction and potentially once the new development is in operation
  • Safe and inclusive public spaces to enhance outdoor activity opportunities and wellbeing for the local community
  • Significant improvements to the permeability and connections through the site
  • Creation of a lively space, with a mix of uses and opportunities which activates 162 City Road at all hours of the day

There is an approximate 8-10 year programme to the completion of this development, and we want to make sure that our commitments remain relevant. This is why we are seeking an ongoing partnership with local stakeholders as these ideas evolve.

It is important for our Community Pledge to be flexible so that we can ensure that our contributions are always responsive to community needs at any particular point in time. We also want to ensure that the pledge reflects the wants and needs of the community.

To deliver on this we will:

We will listen to the different communities which make up the neighbourhood. We recognise that they know the neighbourhood better than we do and we value their input to ensure that the scheme will respect and reflect local heritage and identity.

We will engage in workshops with community groups to co-design the community benefits and make sure that we deliver a scheme which will enhance quality of life for the neighbours and users of the new development at 162 City Road.

Be held accountable
We will work together with our partners, so that we can demonstrate delivery against the commitments we make.

We want to hear your views on these objectives and invite you to help shape our Community Pledge.

We want to ensure our contributions are shaped by local needs and ambitions, so we encourage you to complete our survey and share your thoughts and ideas for the area.

Our Community Pledge

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