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We are committed to a design that achieves the highest standards of sustainability, while also respecting the heritage of the site and its relationship with the surrounding area.

Carbon assessment 

The project team recognise the importance of striving to achieve net zero carbon buildings as soon as possible. One of the most important first steps to achieving net zero is to assess and manage the carbon footprint of any development, this includes analysing the carbon impact of retaining and operating existing buildings compared to building new.

We have been carefully assessing the existing buildings on-site on their individual merits as to whether they can be refurbished or repositioned.

Our studies have shown that on balance, the optimal approach is to retain the heritage buildings fronting City Road and as much of the existing basement as we can, and to replace buildings to the western part of the site.

Any new building will strive to achieve ambitious (low) carbon targets throughout the design and construction phase.

Efficient and low carbon design 

The project aims to be an exemplar low carbon development.

Operationally, the design seeks to minimise carbon impacts, adopting simple passive measures wherever possible – considering the orientation of the buildings, the percentage of glazing on the different facades and the use of natural ventilation. The site will be all electric, with ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps are being explored to provide efficient sources of low energy solutions.

The building design also seeks to reduce embodied carbon (the amount of carbon used during the construction of a building). We are seeking to minimise the amount of material needed and use low carbon materials.

As we progress the building design, we are evolving and improving our approach to efficient and low carbon design.

Health, wellbeing and air quality 

We are committed to providing a green and open space which can deliver a wide range of environmental and quality of life benefits for local communities, including improvement to air quality. We are looking to adopt sustainable urban drainage systems, rainwater harvesting and blue and green roofs. The development will be car-free, as a way to encourage more sustainable methods of transport such as running, walking and cycling, which also contributes to improved air quality and physical activity.

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